Atbash Encryption
Atbash is a method of encryption where the first letter is exchanged for the last in
the alphabet.

So if the first letter of a word is 'bet' (the second letter of the alphabet in Hebrew)
then you would exchange it for the
next to the last letter in the alphabet.

We have at least three examples of this in scripture.

In Jeremiah 25.26 + 51.41 we have the word "Sheshach" which is an Atbash
Encryption for the word "Babel" = the Hebrew word usually translated as "Babylon"
בבל ).

And in Jeremiah 51.1 we have the term "
Leb Kamai" which is an Atbash
Encryption of word "Chaldea".

I believe we have these three witnesses to Atbash Encryption to confirm it is a valid
Bible Study method, and I suspect the LORD needed these letters in order to keep
the Bible Codes working.

If the Bible just came out and said "Babel" and "Chaldea" in these instances it
would change enough letters to destroy most of the long skip codes and all the
toroidal searches.

I also suspect that this is why there is one verse in Jeremiah that is written in
Aramaic. (Jeremiah
In the footnotes in some Bibles it says that Jeremiah used the Atbash Encryptions
to hide his meaning from the authorities - but this makes no sense.

Jeremiah used the word "Babylon" more than any other writer in the Bible,
in fact
he wrote the word "Babylon" more than ALL THE REST PUT TOGETHER.

Jeremiah               =  149
All others together = 111

He had no fear of the authorities.

The ELS Bible Codes need these letters to work.
And what about the word "Chaldea"?? Was Jeremiah afraid to write the word "Chaldea"??

I don't think so - he wrote this word 3 out of the seven times it appears in scripture - and he is
one of only two to use this word in scripture.

No, Jeremiah had other reasons for inserting the Atbash in these scriptures.


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