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"Because of My Name"
Torah 27
This Search was done on The Aramaic spelling of "Metul Shemai" found in Luke 21.12.

It is a 1 in 2000 chance of being a random find, when searched in The Torah.

Searched in The Tanakh it is a 1 in 2 find, but it shows twice in Amos and the odds of this is 1 in
17,000 - I will post these later.

It also shows up several times as a one skip, but not in the visible text.

The one skip is made up from the words "
dew from Heaven" in Aramaic found in The Book of

The Keys to the Bible is unable to develop a matrix on less than a 5 skip, but I am including a screen
shot from The Interlinear Scripture Analyzer.

This Code shows entirely in Genesis 1 and every letter shows in a verse which says "God said" or
"God called".

'Jeiel' is a Biblical name meaning "carried away by God".

Fabrice Bect found an extension to the "YHVH' I found.

It says "sign of YHVH".
Read the blue from right to left
From David Bauscher's Interlinear Peshitta
Read the blue from right to left
Screen shot from The Interlinear Scripture Analyzer
Extension found by Fabrice Bect
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