This search started out looking for "HAARP Array".

It showed one time.

Expected:                               .59062
Found:                                    1
Standard Deviation:              .53
Apx. Odds:                          1 in 2

I noticed it could be extended to read "By HAARP Array, dying", the odds on this showing randomly is:

Expected:                               .00010
Found:                                    1
Standard Deviation:              98.95
Apx. Odds:                          less than 1 in a million

It goes through the expression translated in the KJV "you dwelled safe" - in the past tense in 1 Samuel

And it goes through Hosea 12.2 in the Jewish Bible or Hosea 12.1 in a KJV:

Ephraim guards the wind, and follows after the east wind; he daily increases lies and desolation; and they
make a covenant with the Assyrians, and oil is carried to Eqypt. Hosea 12.2 Koren Translation

The magnetosphere and ionosphere hold off the solar winds, and ARCO got involved in the HAARP
Project as a way to transfer the energy from their natural gas without using pipelines, by beaming energy
through space - wonder if Egypt has any HAARP type facilities?

Also the letter 'peh' in HAARP is crossed by the word translated as current, flowing, continuous.

Someone sent me a link to the patents and other info on the HAARP: haarp_deleted_ records.htm

Looks like the records may have been changed for the day of the Haiti quake.

My friend in France, Fabrice Bect made this comment on this Code:

Hi Jim and all,

Good code. I was unable to find any extensions for the main term, but by parsing it differently, I was
able to find another possible translation:
בהאארף מע רכ מת = "By HAARP, the soft/fluffly/ mellow West died or dies/is dying".

I will see if I can extend the other terms.

Thanks again,


I highly recommend everyone watch the video "Angels Still Don't Play This HAARP" by Dr  Nick Begich.

And he and Jeane Manning have a book out "Angels Don't Play This HAARP" that is well worth reading, it can
be found online in .pdf format.

Blessings -

By HAARP Array Dying
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