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Dolmens - searched in
Jeremiah 31.19+20 only
The Lia-fail also known as
"The Stone of Scone"
A 'dolmen' in Israel
A 'dolmen' in France
Jeremiah 31.19+20
This code was searched in just two verses of Jeremiah 31, where the LORD tells the Lost Tribes of
Israel to set up "high heaps" and "waymarks" - so they can find their way home when the wrath is
For more info on the 'dolmen' please go to Yair Davidiy's website where he has devoted a great deal of
time researching them:
Brit-Am  Maps of dolmen concentrations
Yair Davidiy has expanded on the Bible Code I found
Brit-Am  dolmen pictures
Brit-Am article on dolmens