New Madrid
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This Code does not have any big odds, the main term shows roughly what would be expected by random chance.

And I do not believe The Codes have been given for attempting to predict the future, but the two dates are there and I would in
error to leave them out.

I was thankful 2009-2010 passed without a major earthquake, and hopefully 2015-2016 will pass without a major quake.

When the fault went off in 1812 it produced 6 foot waves in the earth, shook church bells in Boston, caused liquefaction which
resulted in trees sinking 6' into the soil, the Mississippi River back flowed into what became Reelfoot Lake, in NW Tennessee,
eyewitnesses said it lasted 10-12 minutes.

If The New Madrid fault were to produce an earthquake as strong these days it would destroy St. Louis and Memphis and
produce tremendous numbers of deaths and injuries, disrupt natural gas supplies in The Great Lakes region.

I have felt it quake 3 times.

The strongest by far was in the mid 1970's in Memphis, TN when there were two quakes about 1/2 hour apart, I don't remember
for sure but I think they were 3.- something on The Richter Scale, the house plants were bouncing up and down 8", there were
some cracks in some walls, but the noise was amazing - it sounded like a train was going to run through the house.

The second time I was in Henning, Tn, in the mid 1990's. It was a slight rumble which lasted about 20 seconds. I was standing
on a pack of lumber on stacking sticks which in effect made a spring, those who had their feet on the ground did not feel it.

In the late 90's I was in a warehouse in downtown Memphis when there was one quick, sharp jar accompanied by a loud sound, I
thought someone had crashed into the building, which shook hard enough to knock over a thermos.

Anyone who lives the The New Madrid region should prepare for it to strike at any time.