Nicodemus searched in Tanakh @ 91335 skip
Odds searched in Daniel only
Hello All -

This search was done in Daniel only, using the Aramaic spelling for "Nicodemus" found in the Peshitta, it is the
lowest skip occurrence in The Tanakh and the results are less than 1 in a million of being random when searched in
Daniel only.

The odds are 1 in 3 when searched in the entire Tanakh.

I was not able to find much, but it does have Jesus' name crossed by "burial".

Blessings -


After I posted this Fabrice responded and posted these matrixes:

Hi Jim,

Nice code. Btw,
did you notice that this Aramaic term shows up in one of the only Aramaic portions of the
(easy to check with ISA, since there is a (A) by each English translation of the Aramaic words)? And
personally I found out that Jesus' name was part of the message "
there was Jesus" crossing the term "Burial", and
the term "
there" is in Aramaic (see attachments).