Norway - Swirl
Sunrise on Dec. 9th, 2009 there was an unusual light display in the
sky over Tromso, Norway. It lasted for over 10 minutes and the powers
that be said it was a defective Russian rocket.

I believe this was "Operation Tequila Sunrise" a scheduled
experiment of The EISCAT ionospheric heater north of Tromso,

Tequila Sunrise

The EISCAT (European Incoherent Scatter Scientific Association)
project is very similar to The HAARP Arrray, and is made of 2
transmitters and an array in Tromso, and other facilities in Sweden and

So I searched for the main term "Norway" with "swirl" as the secondary term.

This matrix is the lowest skip occurrence of the two terms showing together and they seem
to make a schematic diagram of the Tromso facility, with the word "Norway" being the
pedestal of the transmitter with the word "swirl" forming the dish, with the terms "align" and
"uprise" in the center. The word "tune" with "blue" twice above and the word "ionization",
which intersects the word "blue".

"Ion" is a short word so I only searched for one skips and they are all shown. A mini cluster
above and the word shows twice radiating from a central 'nun' in the upper right.

And off to the side "array".

I recommend everyone watch Dr. Begich's video "Angels Still don't play this HAARP", his
description of a "
cyclonic resonance" comes to life in the Norway Swirl.
And I highly recommend his book "Angels Don't Play This HAARP" by Dr.Begich and Jeane Manning, it goes
into much detail on the HAARP Array.

It is available online as a .pdf - try a Google Search

And a brief summation and more info can be found here:                  
 "Angels Don't Play This HAARP"

And the video can be found by doing a Google Video search for "Angels Don't Play This HAARP".

And an updated video can also be found on Google Videos - "
Angels Still Don't Play This HAARP"
All questions and comments welcome:      
Please note the  - "bounce motion" is the blue spiral seen in Norway.
The "
cyclotron motion" is the white swirl at the end of the blue spiral in

This is a diagram made by Eastlund showing how the HAARP Array can be
used as a "global shield" in the original patents and can be found in "Angels
Don't Play this HAARP", .pdf version.
A closeup screenshot of a diagram by
Eastlund from page 206 of Angels
Don't Play This HAARP, showing the
spiral motion of a cyclonic resonence