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                                                                                        THE SHOAH

This is a key theme. The Shoah is the historical term used to describe the extermination of the Jewish people by Hitler in
Europe during World War II. Until then it was called improperly "the Holocaust". There are many details about this subject in
the strata the Bible as the following examples show:

We start from "Germany","Berlin"... With a skip of 153, these words appear along with "adversary/enemy", "Nazi" in the
text of Nimrod where it says: "He was a mighty hunter before the LORD" (Genesis 10:9). The word "Germany" appears in
connection with the surface text: in the country of the goiim (this is the story of the separation of the people after the Flood
in Genesis chapter 10) among which appears the word "Ashkenaz," which in Hebrew of the Middle-Ages refers to
Germany and is still used today.

In the expression "(Nirnrod) mighty hunter before the LORD" appear "Enemy", "Hitler." Nimrod, as we know, was the first to
start a universal empire, as Hitler will try to do later. We also find in this text this expression: "his mouth is spreading terror."
We know that Hitler's speeches were of this kind. Then we find "plague of the Jews," which refers to Lamentations 3:48:
"Mine eye runneth down with rivers of water for the destruction of the daughter of My people", then "the fierce king",
"murderer" in Genesis 10:26, yet, in this verse is mentioned a man named "village/antechamber of death" (Hazarmaveth).
Here is the relationship between "the fierce king" and "the enemy" mentioned above; if we continue with the tables we
find "Ashkenaz", which is the Hebrew name for Germany, "Nazi", "carnage", "Hitler", "he exterminates them", and all this
near the verse
"man's heart is evil from his youth" (Genesis 8:21).

The expression "he exterminates them" appears in the verse of Genesis 8:20, after the sacrifice of Noah where the term
"massacre" also appears: "for the imagination man's heart is evil from his youth."

Yet the bulk of the carnage took place in Auschwitz. In Genesis 6:13 we read: "The end of all flesh is come before Me", in
this text appears in code "in Auschwitz", as well as in the one where it says "let us make brick, and burn them throughly"
(Genesis 11:3) where we find: "destruction", "in Auschwitz", which was also, as we know, a labor camp.
Then appear: "processus of destruction", "crematorium", "Eichmann" (see also this matrix found by D. Moshe Katz),
these words appear in the text about the Flood, where it says "all flesh died", and "the persecutors","Eichmann". In the
text about the dukes of Edom (Genesis 36:15) in which we also find the name of Herod, we find: "chief of the
persecutors", "Eichmann". This name appears in the phrase: "duke Amalek" where we also found "he exterminates
them," found after "Adolf, chief of the butchers", "the enemies destroyed a great nation", "Eichmann: he will hate My

If we now turn to the text where it says that Joseph sent to Jacob, his father, chariots (wagons in Hebrew like in old
French) to take them to Egypt with their wives and children (Genesis 45:19) this is what we find: "Eichmann, their
hangman", which is interesting since the essential task of Eichmann was the organization of rail convoys for the
deportation of Jews with women and children.

We then find "My people", "the people of Israel", "the people of God", "God will hasten." These terms appear in the
text where it says "God will shortly bring it to pass" (the dreams of Pharaoh) (Genesis 41:32) and then we find:
"Eichmann exterminate a great people: 1/3". The Jewish people before the war were 18 million men, 6 million were
exterminated, or 1/3. Let's continue in the same text which speaks of "wagons" sent by Joseph to bring to Egypt his
brothers with their wives and children.

Here is what we read, "in railways to exterminate Israel", "Israel" coincides with the verse that says "Israel went in
wagons which Pharaoh had sent " (Genesis 46:5).

However this is a journey for destruction. Another table gives us "in Auschwitz", "a great people has been destroyed
by the hand of the SS". This phrase appears in the text of the meeting between Jacob and Joseph, with the arrival of
Jacob in Egypt, he declares: "Now let me die, since I have seen thy face" (Genesis 46:30). There appears the phrase:
"a great nation is destroyed" and Israel said "this time I will die". Indeed the people of Israel, who had survived to all
the many persecutions to which he was subjected throughout history, believed that this time it was the end for him.

Then we find "Zyklon-B" (which was the name of the gas used in the gas chambers) along with the expression "they
will destroy a great nation by gases". This appears in Genesis 21:23, where it is said "the people of the country where
you lived" with the phrase "the destroyers, the Germans." Yet the Jews have lived many centuries in Germany.

In the dream of Bethel Jacob said: "How dreadful is this place!" (Genesis 28:17). Here we find the word "Auschwitz"
and "poison gas", "gas chambers", "Cyanide", "Zyklon-B", was a derivative of Cyanide.

The term "Final Solution" - Euphemism used by the Nazis to describe the extermination of the Jews - Appears twice in
Genesis when Joseph gave the explanation (in Hebrew: solution) of Pharaoh's dreams (Genesis 40, verses 12 and
18) "This is the interpretation" (Hebrew: solution).

But the Nazis also used groups of SS to exterminate Jews such as the "Einsatzgruppen" which, also, burned the
Jewish villages. "Einsatzgruppen" appears next to "Final Solution" along with "SS" and "fire".

In the text of Genesis 2:11 about the gold of Havilah is found "the Shoah,", "crime/sin of Auschwitz", "conceived in
Berlin". In the text of Genesis, 3:14, God told the serpent: "thou hast done this, thou art cursed above all cattle"; and
then the word "Muslim" (The name given to the survivors of the death camps, reduced to the status of living skeletons)
with the text "My punishment is greater than I can bear." (Genesis 4:12-14). These are Cain's words to the Lord.
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