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Mamoudou Gassama

Found by Fabrice Bect
Hi all,

Here's another Torah codes table found a few months ago about
a story that made the headlines worldwide.

For the spelling of the terms used ("M. Gassama", "(of) Mali", "saved", "(a) child") in this research,
media report
in Hebrew from the Israeli press was used. The third minimum ELS of M. Gassama in the
Torah produced this table. The expression "by lying" showed up on the same column, then the term "black"
(which uses the three letters of Cush in
Genesis 10:8 - Cush being the ancestor of the African people).

According to a study by American physicist Valery G. Rousseau:

[1807.05502] The Mamoudou Gassama Affair


       [1807.05502] The Mamoudou Gassama Affair

On May 26th, 2018, it was reported in the French news that a four-year-old child fell from the 5th floor's
balcony of a building in Paris (France), and was able to catch the railing of the 4th floor's balcony. An
immigrant, Mamoudou Gassama, who was passing by decided to climb the building and rescued the child.
Subsequently, Mamoudou was congratulated by French president, Emmanuel Macron, and was naturalized.
In this paper, by using kinematic equations and Newton's laws, it is shown that it is actually impossible for a
four-year-old child (and probably for an adult too) to fall from a balcony and catch the railing of the lower
balcony. This suggests that the rescue of the child could have been staged.

See attached attached screenshots.


Mamoudou Gassama