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Hello all,

Following some discussions, I was led to do a search in the Tanakh using the term "Polygamy":
org/wiki/Polygamy. There are two Hebrew words used for Polygamy in modern Hebrew, I used the second one found in the Israeli
dictionary Babylon Dictionary (highlighted in red below):

Babylon English-Hebrew


ש"ע) פוליגמיה; ריבוי נשים

According to the ABD Pro software, there were 17 occurrences expected statistically, and 21 were found. The third minimal skip had
the extension "
Polygamy is in man", and one of its letters was found in the term "concubines" in 2 Samuel 20:3:

"And David came to his house at Jerusalem; and the king took the ten women his
concubines, whom he had left to keep
the house, and put them in ward, and provided them with sustenance, but went not in unto them. So they were shut up unto the day
of their death, in widowhood, with their husband alive."

Which is the Hebrew word used here (Pilegesh):

Here are all the Biblical references about Polygamy (from "Nave's Topical Bible"):

Deu 17:17; Lev 18:18; Mal 2:14-15; Mat 19:4-5; Mar 10:2-8; 1Ti 3:2; 1Ti 3:12; Tit 1:6

2Sa 12:8

Exo 21:10; 1Sa 1:2; 2Ch 24:3


General references
Job 27:15

By Lamech
Gen 4:19

By Abraham
Gen 16

By Esau
Gen 26:34; Gen 28:9

By Jacob
Gen 29:30

By Ashur
1Ch 4:5

By Gideon
Jdg 8:30

By Elkanah
1Sa 1:2

By David
1Sa 25:39-44; 2Sa 3:2-5; 2Sa 5:13; 1Ch 14:3

By Solomon
1Ki 11:1-8

By Rehoboam
2Ch 11:18-23

By Abijah
2Ch 13:21

By Jehoram
2Ch 21:14

By Joash
2Ch 24:3

By Ahab
2Ki 10:1

By Jehoiachin
2Ki 24:15

By Belshazzar
Dan 5:2; 1 Chr 2-8

By Hosea
Hos 3:1-2

Mosaic law respecting the firstborn in
Deu 21:15-17

Sought by women
Isa 4:1

The evil effects of:

Husband's favoritism in:

General references
Deu 21:15-17

Gen 29:30; Gen 30:15

1Sa 1:5

2Ch 11:21

Domestic infelicity:

In Abraham's family
Gen 16; Gen 21:9-16

In Jacob's family
Gen 29:30-34; Gen 30:1-23

In Elkanah's family
1Sa 1:4-7

Upon Solomon
1Ki 11:4-8

See the attachments please (I added the odds of the table, but I don't think they are valid since the only a priori term is "Polygamy")