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President Kennedy - By Fabrice Bect
Hi Jim,
Thanks for the additional info on the JFK's assassination, I will check them out, and yes I agree it
all stinks, a bit like the 9/11 official version.
Btw, after reading this article from Fox 8 News, I took a second at Michael Drosnin's matrix, and
added Joseph Adams Milteer's name ("Milteer") to see if it also showed up in the same matrix, and
it does with a fairly short skip of + 14 and it goes right through "President Kennedy", and it can
even be extended to "J. Milteer you will shoot" . "Adams" also shows up and one of its letters is
very close to one of J. Milteer's" letters. See attachments.
My response to Fab was:

Hi Fab -

I will get those posted today.

A name you might want to look for is "James E. Files" - he confessed to be being one of the shooters (from the front) he
and a couple of guys named Nicoletti and Rosselli were one of the hit teams the two were from behind, Files was on the
grassy knoll.

Woody Harrelson's dad was on another team- one of the three tramps - he died in prison for killing a judge for the mob -
much info on that sight.

They have pictures of him from that day - they rounded up the 3 tramps walked them in the front of the jail and out the
back - no fingerprints + mugshots, but reporters snapped them going in.

Blessings -

And his response to me was:

Hi Jim and all,

I run other searches, and all the names you suggested showed up, but I needed to row split the matrix. In one of the
matrixes, Harrelson's name showed up and could even be extended to "Harrelson the father".

See the attachments.


And he sent the following screenshots: