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This search was inspired by this passage from the NT:

Mark 1:13: "And He was there in the wilderness forty days, tempted of Satan; and was with the wild beasts; and the
angels ministered unto Him.

I searched for the expression "Satan tempted Him" (or "tempted of Satan") and used the Hebrew spelling used in Franz
Delitzsch's translation in Hebrew of the NT (the Aramaic spelling used in the Peshitta was too long):

Mar 1:13  ׃ ויהי עם־החיות והמלאכים שרתוהוהשטן נסהוויהי שם במדבר ארבעים יום ו

There were 4 occurrences expected statistically, and 2 showed up. The second lowest skip was not extendable, but I
spotted the expression "My Messiah" spelled in reverse on the same string of Hebrew characters and separated from
the main term by just one letter. The first letter of "My Messiah" shows up in Jeremiah 11:9 close to the expression "man
(or men) of Judah".
Satan tempted Him - By Fab