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Hi all,

Here's a Torah codes table I found in the Tanach a few years ago, and thought I should share with you after reading this
recent newspaper report. The main term was The Temple Institute (I used the Hebrew spelling used on Wikipedia).
Statistically, 0 occurences of this term were expected according to CodeFinder, and 1 was found. What is amazing is that it
shows up close to the verse of the Book of Isaiah quoted in
the French version of the Wikipedia article on the Third Temple
(Isaiah 2:2-4). The term The Temple Institute shares a letter with a literal mention of Jerusalem. See attached screenshots.

I will post a few other codes I found recently.



Isaiah 2:2-4 YLT - - Bible Gateway

The Temple Institute
As part of its ongoing effort to prepare for a future rebuilt Temple, the Temple Institute has been preparing ri...

I forgot to add the following links to other codes on the same topic displayed on Art Levitt's website:
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The Temple Institute

Found by
Fabrice Bect