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The Third Temple

Found by Fabrice Bect
Hello all,

Here's another table found a few days ago in the Tanach on the Third Temple. I used for
this search the Hebrew expression בית השלישי. According to CodeFinder, 10 occurrences
of this expression were excepted to show up, and 10 were actually found. The second
lowest skip was part of the phrase "the Third Temple to/for whom?". What is truly amazing
is that one of its letters is found in the term "this house of God" in Aramaic in Ezra 6:7
where it says:

"...this house of God... let the governor of the Jews and the elders of the Jews build this
house of God in his place."

Ezra chapter 6 is about Cyrus' decree to rebuild the (second) Temple. Many claim that
Donald Trump is a new Cyrus (
see for instance). The Lord called Cyrus "His anointed" (see
Isaiah 45:1), so I searched for the expression "Trump the anointed" in a wrapped Tanach.
0 occurrences were expected, and 1 was found. The first letter of "the anointed" shared a
letter with a literal mention of "anointed of YHVH" in 1 Samuel 24:11.

See attached screenshots.