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The Vatican - by Fab
I found a few interesting codes (imo) in the Torah using the expression "the Vatican". There are several different ways to spell
"Vatican" in Hebrew, so I started my search with the longest spelling, and found 5 occurrences of "
the Vatican" although 4
were expected statistically.

The lowest skip was part of the message "
what is the Vatican?", and in the underlying text I spotted the expressions "land of
the priests
" (Genesis 47:22), and "house of Pharaoh" (Genesis 45:2).
The second minimal skip was part of the message "in them is iniquity: the Vatican" (or "in them is the/an iniquity of the
. I noticed its first letter was found in Leviticus 24:23 were the first letter of the lowest skip of Catholicism in the entire
Torah was also found:
The fifth minimal skip was part of the message "the Vatican, where is Satan (spelled in reverse, "Satan" sharing a
letter with "Vatican")
. I already knew that the teachings of the Roman Catholic religion were at odds with the Bible, but
after reading and listening the following interviews and articles this code makes even more sense: