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E. Stoiber and the Woman - By Fab
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Btw, I examined again the second matrix I found in the Torah, and I noticed there were some extensions, but
I needed to extend the search to the entire Tanakh as the additional terms are not located in the Torah.

- The main term was part of the message "E. Stoiber and (the or a) woman"

- The term Europe was part of the longer expression "Babel (is or of) Europe"

The spellings used for "woman" and "Babel", are the ones used in the Hebrew version of the NT by Franz
Delitzsch in the Book of Revelation. The statistical odds are even better indeed.

In the first matrix with the minimal skip occurrence of Stoiber in the Torah, I noticed there was a date (year)
running vertically with the same skip as the main term, but I won't show it for the reasons you already know
(but anyone who uses the Keys or BC 2001 can find it using the "Identify Word" function, and without "row
splitting" the matrix).           Fab

I was going to forget: what's interesting is that the extensions were found using ABD Pro, but they can also
be found with the Keys/BC 2001 which have a different version of the Tanakh.

From Anonymann:


No problem, take it easy. :-)

By the way, the main sentence of a code is longer than your search. In my opinion, the right sentence is,
"they were [the] end of every demon, Stoiber is [the] light of a jackal" instead of "your end is for the demon

You're welcome, have a good search! :-)