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Hello all,

Here are the codes I found on the topic of aliens/UFOs.

All these tables follow a logical progression.

- This search begins with this first table that was found in the Old Testament outside the Torah using one of
the terms used in modern Hebrew to designate aliens (
החייזרים), as well as the one used to designate UFOs
22 occurrences were expected, and 20 were found. The best meeting that came out was the one where the words
extraterrestrials/aliens and UFOs are at their minimum skip in the entire Old Testament, which is already noteworthy
compared to what is found in control texts. It was found that the word extraterrestrials/aliens shared a letter with two
words in the literal text that are seraphim (שרפים) and evil (רשעים) (all the terms in this matrix are plural, which is also
quite noteworthy). As I think that this phenomenon - when natural explanations were finally discarded - is of spiritual
origin, this obviously interested me particularly, so I looked for more information on this subject in extra-Biblical
sources and came across the following extract from this long article :

Fallen Watchers, by; Jason Guenther

"I believe this to be in reference to what we view today as "UFO's". The correct translation for the word "cockatrice"
in your bible is "viper"[Strong's ref. 6848 tsepha]. It comes from the root for "Zophim"or "watchers" [Strong's ref.
6839 Tsophiym]. The actual translation for the word "serpent"at the end of the verse is [Strong's ref. 8314 saraph].
This is the translation for the word "seraph" as in "seraphim" (plural). The translation for the word "fiery" is ALSO is
ref. 8314 "saraph", or seraphim. Both these words mean the exact SAME!. This is very important, as this is NOT a
mistake or a fluke. That the Seraphim are characterized as "serpent's" is very strange indeed. Seraphim are "angels"
as illustrated earlier. Obviously, these are NOT of the "good alignment", and it seems they are alluded to as
"serpent's" in scripture to designate them as such. The striking description of these Seraph's are their "copper color"
(orange), and the adjectives that describe "luminescence" in fact as to their appearance (fiery, burning) are quite
strange. This description is a lot different from the ones given by Isaiah (Isa.6:2,6:6) and the ONLY two may
I remind you scripturally, but it is the exact same word used [Strong's ref. 8314]. The only thing Isaiah relates to us
about seraphim is that they have "6 wings". The allusions to "obscurity" and "dimness" is quite interesting in the
translation for flying. UFO's are identified with just such behavior. It is also quite interesting to note here, that the
most prevalently sighted color of lights in UFO sightings historically, is orange! (copper?)."

Then using The Keys to the Bible, I found the term barbaric (
ברברי), which actually turned out to be plural with an
additional letter at the end, barbaric (
ברברים) then, which shares a letter with the word UFOs, and corresponds well to
the behavior of these supposed "aliens" (see
here for more details). The terms UFOs and barbaric appear with a
minimum skip and a skip close to the minimum in Isaiah 14:5-6 (this chapter has traditionally been interpreted as
symbolically describing the fall of Lucifer, and therefore of the angels who followed him, see Revelation 12:4 and 7-

"The Lord has broken the rod of the wicked, the rod of the rulers. He who, in his wrath, struck the peoples with blows,
without respite, dominating the nations in his anger, is pursued without respite."

See also on Wikipedia

See table below with all these terms :

- Here is another one found in the Tanakh, using the expression UFOs are seraphim (העבמים שרפים), a search
inspired by the previous table and what is said in the following
video about repetition.

0 occurrences of this term were expected, and 1 was found. The term could be developed in the UFOs of seraphim,
wrath of God (בהעבמים שרפים חמת חמת ה). The last letter of seraphim shares a letter with Ezekiel 1:8:

"And they had the hands of a man under their wings on their four sides; and they four had their faces and their wings"

And here is what some commentators say about this passage :

According to the Talmud (Bab. Pessahim, fol. 1.), the
targum of the whole passage is :

"and hands, as the hands of a man, were made for them under their wings on their four sides; to take in them
coals of fire from between the cherubim under the firmament, which was over their seats, to, put them into the hands
of the seraphim, to scatter upon the place of the ungodly, to destroy the wicked that transgress his word; and their
faces and their wings were equal to them four''

Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary :

"The prophet saw these living creatures by their own light, for their appearance was like burning coals of fire;
they are seraphim, or burners; denoting the ardour of their love to God, and fervent zeal in his service."

Here's the table and its report :

- Then, also inspired by the first table, the expression an alien is a seraphim (חייזר שרף) was searched - and found
- in a toroidal Tanakh, it was part of the message an alien is an evil seraph (חייזר שרף רע). The term "seraph" shares
a letter with the term "wicked/evil" in the surface text (Psalm 37:17).

Here is the table with its report :

- I also searched using another term in modern Hebrew to refer to the aliens (
החוצנים) and seraphim (שרפים). The
best meeting produced the table below.. The term seraphim is part of a longer message that can be read seraphim
only (שרפים רק). And upon examining the verses crossed, I noticed that the middle letter of the term seraphim is
found in Psalm 78:49 where appears a very appropriate expression (in bold) :

"He cast upon them the fierceness of His anger, wrath, and indignation, and trouble, by sending evil angels among

The second letter of the term aliens can be found in Psalm 119 verse 61, right next to the term evil/wicked (רשעים -
same word found in the first table) :

"The bands of the wicked have robbed me: but I have not forgotten thy law"

Here is the table with its report :

- Then I searched for the expression evil angels (מלאכי רעים) using the spelling used in the verse mentioned in the
previous table. Statistically, 8 occurrences were expected, and 7 were found. The minimum skip shared a letter
with a verse from the Book of Psalms (96:5 - a book where a significant amount of SLEs was found in connection
with the New Testament in particular) in the expression "all the gods of the peoples" :

"For all the gods of the nations are idols: but the Lord made the heavens."

Here is the table with its report :

- Another table that was found in the Torah using the same term in modern Hebrew to designate the aliens (החוצנים).

17 occurrences were expected, and 18 were found. The shortest skip was retained (as usual), and it was found that
the word was part of a longer message that reads the aliens are a fraud (החוצנים מעל), and upon examining the
text in which it appeared, it was found that it shared a letter with a horizontal word that reads demonic (
דמוני), it is
also the minimum skip for this word, and the only and only occurrence of this term with this jump.

Here is the table with its report :

- Here is an additional code on the same topic, found in the Torah using the term UFOs (עבמים). The minimum skip
(-1) appeared in Deuteronomy 33:26 sharing three letters with the expression of the plain text "rideth upon the
heaven", and in fact the expression in Hebrew can also be read as "vehicles of the heaven/spacecraft" (see below).


Unidentified flying object (UFO) is the popular term for any aerial phenomenon that cannot immediately be identified.
Most UFOs are identified on investigation as conventional objects or phenomena. The term is widely used for
claimed observations of extraterrestrial spacecraft.

Here is the table and its report :

אין כאל ישׁרון רכב שׁמים בעזרך ובגאותו שׁחקים

עבמים : UFOs

רכב שׁמים : Vehicle of the heaven/spacecraft

- A last table was found a while back in the Torah using the expression UFOs are Satan. 0 occurrences of this term
were expected statistically, and 1 showed up. I spotted in the table and running parallel the term from the enemy. I
found recently a few other terms in the same table. Materialization (הגשמה), angelic (מלאכי), His enemies (איביו),
threat (איומי). The term "materialization" is interesting, see below why :


One advantage of IDH proffered by Hilary Evans is its ability to explain the apparent ability of UFOs to appear and
disappear from sight and radar; this is explained as the UFO entering and leaving our dimension ("materializing" and
"dematerializing"). Moreover, Evans argues that if the other dimension is slightly more advanced than ours, or is our
own future, this would explain the UFOs' tendency to represent near future technologies (airships in the 1890s,
rockets and supersonic travel in the 1940s, etc.).[8]

Here is the table and its report :

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