Frequently Asked Questions
1. Didn't Paul say Christians were not to keep the Sabbath in
Colossians 2.16?
2. Where in the New Testament does it say Gentiles should observe
the Sabbath?
3. What is the "synagogue of Satan" spoken of in Revelation ?
4. Who Was / Is Jesus?
5. Is the Holy Spirit a being?    Is the trinity doctrine true?
6.  But Christians aren't under the Law - are they?
7. What are The LORD's Holy Days? + What do they symbolize?
8.   Let's go through Colossians 2 - verse by verse
9.  Who are the 144,000 who are sealed in Revelation chapter 9 + 7?
10.   What is the "Beast" of Revelation?  What is it's "image"?
11.  What is the "Mark of the Beast"?
12.  How can recognize the "many" false prophets that Jesus said
were to come?
13.   What happens to the dead?
14.      What is a true Christian?
15.   Exactly which day did Jesus die?? The 13th of Abib or the 14th??
15B.    How Could The Jewish People Lose Track of The Passover,
the 14th of Abib / Nissan
16.  Are the darkenings in scripture Eclipses?
17.    Did Christ Do Away With The Law?
18.   What is "The Lie" in 2 Thessalonians 2.11?
19.    How have the Catholics changed The 10 Commandments?
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