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Andy's Code Page - most extensive collection of Bible
Codes that I know of

Andy's Code Page
The Bible Codes Group on Yahoo - wide ranging discussion

Bible Codes Group
Torah Codes US, an excellent site run by Distinguished
Professor of Computer Science,
Robert Haralick of City
University, New York, NY

Torah Codes US
The ELS Bible Codes Group on Yahoo - strictly Bible Codes
ELS Bible Codes Group
Bible Codes Digest - Ed Sherman's research site
Bible Code Digest
Amazing picture Bible Codes found by Dean Thomas Coombs
Picture Codes
For my Bible Code searches I use "The Keys to the Bible" -
in my opinion by far the easiest software for a non-Hebrew
speaker to use.
It is produced by the Computronic Corporation in Israel.

Research Systems - producer of CodeFinder and Music
from the Torah
Research Systems
Art Levitt's Bible Code research site
Torah Codes Primer and Survey
Hidabroot Bible Code research site
"Data Integrity Patterns in the Torah" by Kevin Acres
showing that we have the complete text of the Torah and
that the author knew pi out to 500,000 decimal places

Data Integrity Patterns in the Torah
Watch a video on the "Infinity Codes"
The Infinity Codes
Codes in the Bible website
Codes in the Bible
Torah - excellent site
Doron Witztum, Israeli Bible Code Searcher and Statistician
Doron Witztum
Bible Code Links